The first gynaecological solution
DermoXEN Ultracalming SD - Special for Diabetics is the first project of prevention and care of common gynaecological problems in diabetic women. It helps women live a peaceful life, in harmony with themselves and their partner.
GYNAECOLOGICAL complications associated with diabetes
Diabetes and sexual health
Diabetic women are more likely to have gynaecological problems. High glucose concentrations in body fluids favour bacterial and fungal proliferation, causing an increase in the vaginal pH level.

In particular, diabetes is recognised as one of the predisposing factors for the development of vulvo-vaginal candidiasis [1,2]. Symptomatic vulvo-vaginal infections caused by Candida are more common in diabetic women compared with the total female population [3,4].

Moreover, among the other complications of diabetes, angiopathy and neuropathy can cause a decrease in the flow of blood to the vaginal wall and a reduction of libido, respectively. Therefore, there will be a reduction in vaginal lubrication which causes atrophy and dyspareunia [5,6]. Indeed, a recent study has shown that vaginal dryness is more common in diabetic women than in other women [7]. Side effects are mainly sexual dysfunction affecting from 30% to 78% of women [8]: it is estimated that the percentage varies between 20 and 80% among diabetic women [8,9].
DermoXEN Ultra-calming SD
Thanks to its ingredients and unique formula, Dermoxen Ultra-calming SD - Special for Diabetics is the ideal solution for intimate problems of diabetic women. It has a specific and gentle action against vaginal dryness and it helps prevent bacterial and fungal attacks, protecting the pH and the intimate balance of diabetic women through the presence of :
BIOTECHNOLOGICAL DERIVATIVE OF AVENANTHRAMIDE: It exerts an effective soothing action in case of such symptoms as itching, burning and redness. Thanks to its active principle, DermoXEN Ultra-calming SD is recommended in case of vaginal dryness caused by diabetes which is often source of dyspareunia. FUCUS VESICULOSUS: It is a dark seaweed containing iodine, potassium, mucilage, algin, betacarotene and other minerals. The iodine is very effective in fighting proliferation of Candida Albicans and other bacteria and fungi. Thanks to the presence of alginates, able to bind large quantities of water, it has an excellent moisturizing action. LACTIC ACID: It represents a natural mechanism of defence against vaginal infections. It maintains adequate pH levels of acidity and it preserves the balance between good and bad bacteria, providing an effective « barrier effect ». HYALURONIC ACID: It is a substance normally found in the vaginal epithelium and in other tissues of the human body. It is the body's natural reservoir for water and it is responsible for maintaining correct levels of hydration in moisture sensitive environments. DermoXEN Ultra-calming SD is formulated with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and provides an effective solution to vaginal dryness associated with diabetes.
It is fundamental: First of all, to check frequently blood glucose level and to follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle. To have a varied and balanced diet, avoiding food rich in sugar, fat and carbohydrates. To wash your intimate area at least once a day, cleaning from the vagina towards the anus and using a specific intimate cleanser. To dry accurately your intimate area, since humidity favours bacterial proliferation, and to use a personal towel. To use cotton underwear, avoiding wearing synthetic or tight clothes. To complete your treatment of intimate well-being with products specifically designed for relieving the unpleasant sensations of itching and redness. To use vaginal lubricants in order to favour normal vaginal lubrication and sexual intercourse. It is preferable to use water-based lubricants because they have low risk of skin sensitisation and they are compatible with latex condom.
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